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20 Tips and Tricks For Your iPod Touch | Tom's Guide

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25+ Tips and Tricks for iPod Touch (6th Generation)

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Jim Cheshire. Digital Electronics. Knowledge flow. The Drone Pilot's Handbook. Adam Juniper. Reginald Prior. You can also purchase power adapters designed specifically for iPods, which makes the whole world your oyster, er, outlet. If your iPod Touch does not automatically connect to Wi-Fi in your home, check to see if MAC media access control filtering is configured on your router.

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You might have to scroll down the page to find the address, which will look something like this: Take note, however, that this works only when your iPod Touch is jailbroken. However, the process does exist. With the battery percentage switched to ON, you can view the usage or standby time used since your last full charge.

This also enables the Usage menu item on the General page. There are times when you cannot charge your iPod Touch. But there are ways to conserve battery power so you can get more use from your iPod Touch. If you have SSH installed, you can turn it off in the Services application. The Services application also allows you to turn off your Wi-Fi connection without having to go into settings. It can be truly annoying. The song you are listening to is distracting you from your research, but you want to listen to the song later. All you need to do is touch the home button twice, and it brings up music controls!

This trick even works when your iPod Touch is locked. Picture yourself sitting on the train, putting the finishing touches on a presentation you have to make at work that morning, but your stop is next.

24 iPod touch Tricks for Beginners - 1st Edition

There are only a few sentences to go, but have no fear, the iPod Touch is here. Learn tricks like this and you just might have enough time to get the job done. Quickly insert a period and a space at the same time at the end of sentences by double-touching the spacebar. If you type www. This is only helpful, however, when Google is your main search engine; not Yahoo.

What about when your URL does not have a. No problem; simply touch and hold the. This is a great time saver that boosts productivity, ease of use, and enjoyment. But the iPod Touch community spoke up and the designers listened. At this point, you press Select Word, and then touch Copy or Cut.

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To paste your word into Safari, touch and hold your finger where you want to paste it and touch Paste, and Presto. You are watching your favorite movie on your iPod Touch and the doorbell rings. The chances of this happening are slim to none—leaving your iPod running on the couch because your aunt won the lottery, that is.

If you want to pause your movie, touch the pause button. If you want to save your spot in the movie, touch the Done button and your movie progress will be saved until the next time you watch the movie again. When you exit applications on the iPod Touch, some of those applications stay active in memory, which, believe it or not, drains your battery. But there is a way to completely exit any application and save battery power before the next charge. You can accomplish this by touching and holding the home button for approximately five seconds.

If you run several applications at the same time, both you and your battery will be thankful for this tidbit. You can also do this in Safari. Simply touch and hold the image in your mail or in Safari for a few seconds and a menu will appear giving you the opportunity to save the image. To view your image any time, navigate to your photo application. Do you like to fall asleep listening to music? The iPod Touch has a built-in timer feature called Timer that will put your iPod to sleep after a designated period of time.

To configure this, touch the Clock icon on the main screen and then touch the Timer button on the lower right of the screen. Finally, click the Set button and then scroll through the hours and minutes to set your time and touch the Start button to begin the countdown. You can also cancel the timer at any time during the countdown.